What is your big goal?

Do the Unthinkable

Eight lessons learned going from parents' couch to the Olympic podium.

1) It will be harder than you imagined

Humans struggle with estimation. We often don’t know how hard something will be until we’re in the thick of it. Prepare to learn on the fly.

2) Find your mentor

You’ll never find out your true potential unless you surround yourself with people who are invested in pulling it out of you. Find them.

3) Keep moving

The path is often obscured, limiting your view of the future. Resist the urge to fall idle. Keep rowing and you’ll find your course again.

4) Embrace new perspectives

Let your journey take you to new destinations and open you up to new perspectives.

5) Failure is not final

Your character is both revealed and forged in the hard times. Do not let a momentary failure steal your future success.

6) Adopt a finisher mindset

The determination to fully reach your finish line is a mindset that must be mastered to reach your goal. Avoid the graveyard of “almost”.

7) We are better together

A team victory is the sweetest victory. Sharing a winning moment with others is one of the pinnacle experiences of life.

8) Share your wisdom

Don’t underestimate the inspiration your efforts can provide for others, no matter how young or old.

4 years to win an Olympic medal, 5 years to write and publish a bestselling book, 6 years of sharing the lessons learned with audiences around the world.