AI is changing the world, and none of us can risk missing the opportunities that will emerge. This inspiring keynote takes your audience on the incredible story of the Cyberdrop invention - a solar-powered electric bicycle camper. Your audience will learn, laugh, and be inspired by this crazy idea that turned into an inspiring reality.

With no prior engineering experience, Jeremiah Brown leveraged AI tools like Chat GPT to design and fabricate a prototype electric and solar-powered bicycle camper, and travelled from Toronto to Key West with it. It's a creative and inspiring story demonstrating the power of using AI as a personal productivity and learning multiplier. The goal of this presentation is to replace fear of the unkown with creativity and curiosity - in the workplace and in our lives.

Jeremiah's speech was motivating and powerful!

Jane Russell, Executive Vice President
TD Bank

Attendees gain:

How to use AI for ideation and to spark creativity

A hybrid approach for AI feedback and human verification

Using AI in the field to dynamically problem solve

Inspiring us to reimagine what we are ALL capable of now that AI is here

Replace fear of AI with inspiration to multiply our individual outputs

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A HUGE THANK YOU to Jeremiah for his incredible Keynote at our Johnson&Johnson Team Offsite. His keynote was a major highlight of our event, with many colleagues approaching us afterword to share just how impactful it was, how insightful it was, and how much they loved it! People were blown away by his storytelling abilities – and his ability to connect his story to key themes we can apply in work and life. The feedback following his address was so overwhelmingly positive it really kicked off the event on the right note.

Geeta Chopra
Retail Innovation Manager, Johnson & Johnson

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5 weeks #1 national bestselling author, as featured in: