Why go it alone? Jeremiah will help you navigate the emotional and psychological traps that are stopping you from achieving your potential.

Jeremiah gave me the weekly accountability I needed to stay strong and resilient while pursuing my goal. He always makes me feel better and stronger after speaking with him. His gentle but firm approach kept me on track throughout the entire year.

- Kate Wallis, Coaching Client

Let's mitigate your downside...

Are you sick of giving up on yourself?

Do you know there's more in you, but can't seem to access it, or never seem to find the time?

Are you frustrated with never quite reaching your goal?

Are you so intelligent that you pre-rationalize every step and psych yourself out?

The world is a better place when you pursue your greatest potential and leave a path of inspiration in your wake.

Big goals take time, focus, and consistency. A coach is your best insurance policy against self-sabotage and premature exit. Find your coach.



"There is almost always a hybrid approach that is better than the solution you have in mind. When you're focused on the problem, you do not naturally think of outside resources. For all the technology hurtling our way, it is still another human being that can make the greatest impact in your life."

- Jeremiah Brown

What is it actually like?...

  • Weekly 45-minute focus virtual meetings to hold you accountable to your plan of action
  • Informal touchpoints via text to coach you through the cracks
  • Boiling down your goal into weekly action items and new routine development
  • Gently but firmly challenging your hesitations and reservations to maintain goal clarity
  • A kick in the ass when you need it

What is it not?...

  • Helping you find your purpose in life
  • Resolving your marital issues
  • Therapy, counselling, or mental health first aid
  • Coaching you on more than one focused goal at a time
  • Substituting a lack of your own burning desire to reach your goal

What does it cost and how do you get started?

Coaching packages start at $750/month for 45-minute weekly coaching sessions, plus informal text interactions. The informal 'in-the-cracks' part of coaching is crucial to avoid drift, and stay in sync. This service is designed for people who want to accelerate their goal-path trajectory and are ready to embrace short term discomfort to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

To ensure I am able to give you everything I have to offer, I am only able to work with max three people at a time. I have no intention of scaling up this service - I am blessed to make a good income as a profesional speaker. Your willingness to make an investment in yourself helps protect my time and yours.

Ok, straight talk done. Your move!

To get started...