Meeting and event Planners


Hiring the right keynote speaker for your event is an important decision. Here are the top 10 reasons Jeremiah is a favourite of meeting and event planners, speaker bureaus, and corporate executives.

  • Relatable – Jeremiah’s unique story of deciding to learn a new sport in the middle of family and career life, and at an age considered too late for success at the highest level, is a message that resonates with all adults who balance responsibilities with their personal aspirations.
  • Engaging – Jeremiah’s talks are funny, poignant, fast-moving, and entertaining. Your audience will be fully engaged and leaning forward.
  • Unique Perspective – As a former commercial banker and national manager at the Canadian Olympic Committee, Jeremiah truly understands the pressures of the modern workplace. He is able to draw parallels between his Olympic experience and his audience’s reality, for maximum impact.
  • Real Takeaway Value – Your audience will leave with new insights on resilience, teamwork, leadership, adapting to change, and tactics for how to apply the frameworks Jeremiah and his team used to win an Olympic medal.
  • High Energy / Inspiring – Jeremiah’s motto is to serve from the stage, and to inspire people to reflect deeply on their life and career experiences while taking in his presentation.
  • Audio/Visual Experience – No bullet points! Jeremiah uses just the right amount of imagery to take the audience deep into his story. His presentation includes powerful and exclusive Olympic footage to create maximum climactic moments for the audience.
  • Captivating Stories – The true art of the keynote is the ability of the speaker to tell compelling stories. Jeremiah has spent years honing the craft of storytelling as a writer and speaker, delivering emotionally charged stories. The experience drives home key messages that the audience will retain for the long term.
  • Zero Drama – No outrageous demands. No diva-like requests. Instead, Jeremiah is professional, accommodating, and easy to work with.
  • Customized – Jeremiah takes the time to learn about your organization, audience, and key objectives. His presentation will be on-point and relevant to your audience.
  • High Impact – Jeremiah will make every minute count. Your audience will be moved and inspired, and Jeremiah will do whatever it takes to make sure your event is a roaring success.

Nothing is more important than making your event a success

Below you can find everything you need to prepare for Jeremiah’s presentation at your event.