Inspirational, insightful and powerful. Jeremiah blends memorable storytelling with deep insights into conquering burnout, overwhelm, and fear while adapting to change and achieving your goals.

The passion that drives an Olympian is the same passion that drives your people. With his humour, authenticity, and energetic delivery, Jeremiah captivates audiences as he draws parallels between the worlds of Olympic sport and business.

Jeremiah takes audiences on an incredible one-of-a-kind journey of personal transformation and team unity. He challenges common notions of what it means to lead and to be led in the pursuit of excellence. He shows how to adapt to forces outside of one’s control and stay the course when the pressure is on, all while encouraging a healthy dose of self-compassion and humility. Using vivid real-life Olympic setbacks, failures, and ultimate success, Jeremiah illuminates the true markers for success in any competitive setting.

Jeremiah's speech was motivating and powerful!

Jane Russell, Executive Vice President
TD Bank

Attendees gain:

Inspire audiences to dig deeper, go further, and reap greater rewards

Redefine resilience to strengthen one’s ability to endure massive change

Audience leaves with the Jeremiah's four essential strategies for achieving big goals

Discover the one key shift in mindset that will keep people committed to the goal for the long term.

Replace fear with deep insights into managing burnout and overwhelm

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Jeremiah’s presentation was the top keynote presentation at our three-day conference. His captivating storytelling ability had people going through the same roller coaster of emotions he felt on the road to achieve his dream in 4 years. He provides you with a different perspective on what resilience truly means and shows you how important it is to surround yourself with the right people. He was incredibly captivating, motivating and inspiring. As a man who truly defied statistical odds to succeed, he makes you appreciate and believe that you can too.

Andrea Jeffs
Program Manager, Association of Municipal Administrators of Nova Scotia

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