We are all tasked with embracing change, or risk being left behind by disruption and market forces outside of our control. Constant learning and reinvention are the new normal.

From the Olympic laboratory to the workplace, Jeremiah uses masterful storytelling to carefully deconstruct how to perform and execute in the face of overwhelming challenges.

Known for his deep honesty, humour and relatability, Jeremiah deconstructs common misconceptions between resilience and high performance, vividly illustrates the human side of transformation, and provides actionable steps that individuals and organizations can take to improve one’s performance in times of change and disruption.

A perfect fit for organizations experiencing business transformation!

Dvorah Richler, Strategic Healthcare Partner

Attendees gain:

Learn a powerful framework for developing personal resilience in the face of change

Understand the top three team dynamics that support group resilience

Become aware of how any leadership style can support or harm resilience

Deliver a rallying call to compete with courage, and seize opportunity

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Jeremiah inspired our team and left us on a high note after our national kickoff leadership conference! His presentation tied in perfectly with our theme of Respect the Hustle. Jeremiah brought the human element to what we're trying to achieve. He was the perfect closing keynote for our event. I highly recommend Jeremiah as a keynote speaker for organizations experiencing times of great change or disruption.

Dino Naccarato
Senior Vice President, Loblaws Wholesale Division

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5 weeks #1 national bestselling author, as featured in: