• The main message in the book is something dear to my heart. It is about having a goal and having a go and achieving what you are capable of!

    Ken Davey, Australia
  • You captured everything beautifully. The overseas experience; I connected with mine last year at Junior Worlds. The other crews, the robocop act, the emotion, the beauty of the landscape that you barely notice.

    Sofia Donnecke, Victoria, BC
  • It is a particularly insightful look at what it’s like to be successful in one of the hardest training programs in the world.

    Mark Verkuyl
  • A tell-it-like-it is, no bull***t illustration of how an Olympic medalist crafted himself from a regular guy into a world class athlete.

    Remington Winter
  • I have now finished your finely written, provocative and fascinating book. Very well done!

    Steve Wells, Tacoma, WA

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