Overcome Adversity. Adapt to Change. 

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In just four years, Jeremiah Brown went from complete beginner to the Olympic podium in a sport he had never tried before.

Discover how Jeremiah's captivating story, strategies, and insights can help you adapt to change, overcome adversity, and propel your team to podium performances.

Jeremiah was the highest-rated keynote speaker we've had in the history of our conference.

-Andrea Jeffs, Program Manager | Association of Municipal Administrators Nova Scotia

Sound familiar?...

  • Wave after wave of COVID is weighing our people down
  • Our culture thrived on being together in person, but now it's hard to build connection
  • The ambiguity of the future is causing paralysis instead of action
  • Our business was transforming even before COVID, now our goals are more daunting
  • We need to find new ways to inspire and motivate our people

Jeremiah can help you tackle these challenges!

A refreshing wallop of insights, laughter, deep inspiration, and motivation to act.

What kind of virtual events is Jeremiah doing?

Jeremiah was hired when...

  • Johnson & Johnson wanted a speaker to bring a powerful message of resilience to their North and South American staff responsible for vaccine production and distribution.
  • Cisco wanted to inspire a sense of possibility for the thousands attending its Cisco Connect virtual conference
  • Spotify wanted their sales team to kickoff 2021 with a focus on continuing growth into 2021
  • Burgundy Asset Management wanted to deliver a message of adaptation under pressure, and team buy-in to taking action together in the face of uncertainty
  • Siemens decided they needed to adopt a 10x mindset to kickoff their annual leadership event virtually for the first time

Working with Jeremiah is the easiest part of your day

To get started, contact Jeremiah to share your audience's unique challenges, opportunities, and your event goals. Once we confirm your date, Jeremiah will schedule briefing calls with you and relevant event stakeholders to ensure alignment and deep impact - every single time.



The 4 Year Olympian

From First Stroke to Olympic Medallist

Inspirational, gritty, and deeply authentic, Jeremiah Brown’s journey from beginner to Olympic silver medallist in under four years is a story about chasing a goal with everything you’ve got.


Do you need a motivational speaker to help your people take on their greatest challenges with courage and conviction?

A top inspirational and motivational speaker, Jeremiah Brown helps thousands of people each year find deeper resilience and renewed inspiration to tackle their challenges head on. 

Jeremiah shares battle-tested insights on transformation, resilience, teamwork, and leadership in the pursuit of stretch goals.